lose ends...

Finally worked out how to change the admin email ids in the blog!

For some reason I never quite fathomed, Google took the wrong email id for admin of this blog when they took over Blogger. With the result that for quite a while I had to login with a different address than my usual gmail and/or yahoo to administer this blog.

It's been a pain in the you-know-what to manage, with yet one more email account to forg^H^H^H^Hremember!

I finally had some time to waste, wading and searching through Google's tons of unrelated help screens to find out how to change the admin logon email to a new one. Sometimes I wish Google's programmers stopped trying to second guess what I want to see and just showed me what I asked for? No more, no less?...

Turns out the fix is a quite easy multi-step process, after all. So now I hope to have a more streamlined and accessible way to publish here. Which hopefully will be reflected on more postings from now onwards.

I'll also be posting more on trivia and day to day IT things rather than just databases and Oracle. It's a much better way to keep this blog active. And let's face it: Oracle databases are not such a big single part of my professional life anymore.

With my time being shared between Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Data Management and Integration, backups and archival, SAN management and architecture and all sorts of other Data Centre activities, I find I have little spare time to dedicate to the latest watchamacallit CBO/trace/weirdo feature that no one in his right mind will ever bother with, other than in the academic sense! :-)

Don't get me wrong: academic is good! What I don't have time for is the last squiggly bit of analisys that it often demands.

Others can - and should! - do that. I have a Data Centre to help run - hopefully reliably and with good performance - and a bunch of Data Management and DW oriented folks that demand my help. They demand most of my time.

Speaking of which...

We are about to embark in another year of Sydney Oracle Meetup activites. It looks like it's gonna be an interesting one, we've got some really cool ideas for 2012.

And with the NSW Oracle User's Group finally showing a little bit of interest in our activities instead of the usual "who are they?" attitude (that serves no purpose whatsoever), things might even become a lot more interesting for everyone - their membership included. We shall see...

Meanwhile, just a quick shot from a time not so long ago when I had a proper 4WD and was allowed to use it for what it was designed for:

That was taken in a place called Catherine Hill bay, during one of our monthly land-based game-fishing escapades. Man, I miss those times! Nothing like a 20Kg yellowfin tuna heading for New Zealand to bang your eyes open in the early morning!

Then again nowadays I go to places like, this once a year or so:

Not so much for fishing anymore. Mostly, for underwater photography and general lazing about. It's the place where as a kid, I first developed a taste for diving. I am truly blessed that I can still go back and enjoy it, almost as it was back then.

Anyways: catchyalata folks, or likely sooner!