on oraenv and more

first clients upgrading to 10gr2 this week.

a few problems...

mostly to do with environmental settings.

which brings me to this week's rant:

once again I see *n*x sites out there with their own home-baked "oraenv" or .profile replacement.

folks, dudes:

I know you're all very good and gifted shell scripters. but LEAVE "oraenv" ALONE, for chrissakes!!! by all means add custom code AT THE END of it, where it is indicated. but DO NOT MESS with the rest of the script!

there IS a reason why Oracle set it that way and that reason is partly to have it work together with /etc/oratab or whatever it's called in your quaint Solaris world.
just do NOT mess with it! it is upsetting beyond pain, to have to correct moronic errors with incorrectly set environments.

just because some idiot decided that $ORACLE_HOME/bin should be at the start instead of at the end of $PATH, we lost quite a bit of time trying to figure out why oraenv was not working properly when changing between 9ir2 and 10gr2 instances in the same machine.

no wonder! we weren't running the correct oraenv for starters...

other than these anoying traps, nothing major. a few 7445 errors in testing here and there, all apparently fixed in and with patches available anyway. I wonder how these basic bugs can still be showing 4 years after initial release if 10g is such a widespread use release? (obviously: NOT!...)


continued to test my new scanner. first 6x7 images are through and simply blew my socks off. I'll have to post them somewhere, somehow: they are just way too large for normal monitors at 5500X4500!

mind-blowing detail and sharpness: almost makes me feel like ditching the 35mm gear on the spot, when I see this kind of result...

still waiting for KEH to replace the wrong focusing screen they sent me, a month ago. yeah, buying online has its disadvantages when idiotic staff mess it up...

Sover Wong has once again done a miracle with the F2 body I recently sent him: 1/4 stop exposure precision from a manual shutter, at ALL speeds?
the man is a GENIUS, I tell you!

ah well: Xmas lights are on and it's time for me to go outside and enjoy them with the folks who walk by every once in a while.




After right-clicking on desktop->properties->themes, I get this screen:

then what happens when I click on the link at the bottom?

Yes, you got it: Microsoft Help opens!

And they wonder why their "OS" has a bad name?

Not that Oracle is faring any better, mind you! When will this company learn that forcing their clients to upgrade in order to fix bugs is not conducive to the best customer relations?

It just doesn't click with them that folks run APPLICATIONS, not databases. And because applications may not be certified to run on a later version of Oracle, it is demented to have a patch policy that forces folks to upgrade in order to get bugs fixed!
Is it too hard to understand that upgrades incur a downtime cost, let alone a resources cost?

Talk about TCO...

In this respect, IBM runs rings around Oracle: their policy of bundling patches as "Service Packs" to previous versions of their software is just what the doctor ordered. And why so many sites just won't move out of dfb2 no matter what: it may have a lot of flaws, but IBM sure knows what makes an IT place tick.


scanners and partition restores

Just got the new scanner. Haven't made much yet, too busy this weekend ferrying kids to-from parties. They are like that at this age and I have too much fun watching them. Besides, the garden needed some serious attention as well.

But so far, very promising. Some stunning results already. Check my photo pages.

Work-wise: a very demanding week. A lot of little problems that needed clearing and cleaning up. It's amazing how easily little problems grow into huge monsters when the volumes are of DW proportions. I'm still not happy with the partition pruning at one of our clients, but we're getting there.

And don't get me started on recovering partitions from exports: why, oh why mr Oracle, can't we add a partition of a prior range to a table? It just makes the work of bringing back exported partitions a drudge instead of a pleasant experience.

Ah well: /rant

See you soon, folks.


Not much here to talk about yet, folks. Not at this stage.

What I have to say in the photography sphere is in my deviant art and olhares logs, the two sites where I regularly inflict new images on the unsuspecting world.

If you want to spend some good dba time: follow the blogs on Oracle by the nice folks from the Oak Table as well as the Dizwell site. I'm usually thereabouts. There are a few links here, on the right.

Or just spend some idle time on my other non-work links, also on the right.

Within the next year or so, work schedule permitting I'll start again "The Den": my original site. That'll have news from my hobbies as well as a section for work stuff. And then we'll see what pans out.

But right now: I have a very busy personal schedule and that makes it hard to update these things with any kind of regularity. It would be unfair of me to raise anyone's expectations beyond that.

For now, here is a little original image of the place I go to for true relaxation. I use this for my screen background at work. Yes, I know: sad...