newspeak strikes again...

Frankly, the amount of hype surrounding the "cloud" thing is reaching the limits of what is acceptable by anyone with half a brain and a working mind!

If anything, it is only discrediting the architecture and reducing it to yet another "j2ee" scam.

I recently found this in one of the blog feeds.

“Private, on-premise clouds are also an option that that may lessen security-related concerns”

I beg your pardon? Isn't that what the term "Data Centre" is used for? Now we call Data Centres "private, on-premise clouds"?

Exactly and precisely what is the difference between the two?

What, we are now going to rename every single piece of technology in IT and resell it to the punters under the patina of "new"?

Inovation is one (desirable) thing. Utter marketing nonsense is a completely different one.

Quite frankly: anyone waltzing in to our IT department with the line of argument above would get the tar and feathers treatment...

And then they call me contrarian...

This level of promotion of a new architecture is an insult to the intelligence of any normal human being! I have to be a contrarian!

Anyways: just thought I'd leave my comment on this before it gets wiped out of my feeble memory.

I actually bounced it off a few other folks I highly respect, just to make sure I wasn't mis-reading the whole thing.

The unanimous reaction was along the lines of: "that is a joke, right?"

Ah well...


On to some lighter stuff.

I often go walking or biking around here. It's the council walkway across Warriewood wetlands.
Funny name, that one: "wetlands". Back in the 60s, we'd have called it swamp and called in the bulldozers.
We build walkways across it and actually enjoy the place.
Great how attitudes have evolved!

There, we find precious jewels such as these:

These guys show up regularly in the branches of small casuarina trees. They are gorgeous creatures, all 2cms of them!

Of course, they have to be careful:


Catchyalata, folks!