I told you so....

In a very clear way: I hate to say this.


I TOLD YOU SO, a long time ago!

I've been saying precisely this for more than 5 years now.

Chris has finally put the finger on the dot and said what almost everyone else has already figured out for years!

Amazing it's taken this long for it to dawn into the minds of Oracle's marketing that the whole thing is overly complex, a horrible acronym soup created by kids with less experience of IT than a shopping cart, a whole edifice of complex and conflicting imaginary "standards" that NO ONE in the user community asked for in the first place!

In the process, they have thrown out and/or alienated many, many very useful technologies. And watched as Microslop has steadily been stealing the show with their easy to use and SIMPLE development technology.

It's always been a hallmark of IT general development techniques that KISS applies all the way.


Yet what do we see from Oracle for 5 years?


Conflicting technologies, pseudo self-proclaimed "standards" that were never asked for.

Nothing else.

Well, wake up call time.
Let's hope it's not terminal.