And the idiocy continues...

Been a while since my last post.  Then again, Oracle administration has become such a small part of my work that I hardly find the motivation...

But the latest idiocy from the Larry Ellison camp is just too much!
Yeah sure: another iteration of the "let's get rid of all those DBAs" nonsense that has essentially killed the company here in NSW Australia, since the days of release9!
This one is REALLY going to work, this time around.  And I'm hereafter to be referred to as Father Xmas...

Has it even percolated the mind of these idiots that 2 dbas that take care of 400+ dbs is NOT, has NEVER been and will NEVER be "all those DBAs"?
And that getting rid of 2 people will hardly save ANY $$$ to a company's IT department that counts dozens of folks?

What an idiot Lazza has turned into if he's behind this...

Anyways, the joke will continue for a little while more, I guess: takes a long time for a very large company to become completely irrelevant.  If I was a share holder of Oracle I'd be seriously worried with this latest "strategy".  It's clear Lazza is past his use-by date and needs to be replaced or the company will just get worse and worse.
In a way that has been the REAL difference between Bill Gates and Lazza: the first actually saw the light and left the company before he became a dead weight. As a result, Microslop has become a lot more important and larger.

Ah well, I'm sure a lot of the "Let's have lots of beers" club will find the above insulting.
But then again I never cared much about that lot and what they think! So, good riddance to OTN&Co and the "Ace" bullshit!...

Sorry, been too busy for photos and don't have much to share at the moment.
Maybe later, if I still feel like posting anything:
we're about to embark on a major 12.1 upgrade and I'm sure the usual cohort of half-finished features and unverified patches will keep us busy as usual!

But I couldn't leave you without a little bit of whimsy I made a few weeks ago, as a result of looking at a very bad SQL in one of our "written by a Java-expert" applications:


Blogger SydOracle said...

There's nothing wrong with a "lots of beers club" :)

But the stackoverflow survey shows how much work Oracle needs to do. Most dreaded, least loved and least wanted.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017 5:04:00 pm  
Blogger Noons said...

Thanks for the comment, Gary.
No need to run away. That's what Lazza wants everyone to do but it doesn't mean we have to all stay put and let him have it.
And no, the "beer club" will stay forever what it is - and one of the main reasons why the score of Oracle in the survey is so low!
For those who might have missed Gary's post, this is the survey:
Interesting results for Oracle.

Oh, that's right: that bad result is because of the "bad dbas".
Signed? Father Xmas

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 9:47:00 am  

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