early start...

Very early start, this morning! 3am.

Mobile - cell phone, for the Murricans - goes off and wakes me up. Half asleep I try to figure out what a heavy Indian accent is telling me.

External link to our DC was out at 2am. Someone from Telstra has just replaced the hardware and it's back. They need me to check that everything is fine with the db servers.

So I go into my usual routine: vpn to office, check our mail.

Why mail?

Well, we have GC tapping the dbs and listeners on the shoulder every 15 minutes. Anything abnormal and it sends us email if we're in the office normal hours or an sms if we aren't.

Except at the wee hours of the morning: we like to sleep, so alarms go to mail then. If there is a catastrophe, we get called like this morning anyway, so to have sms pester us as well is redundant.

Normally I wake up at 5:30 and check mails then: it's a routine I got into during my days at 24/7Realmedia and worldwide support. It's not likely that folks arriving at the office at 9am will find dbs down without me or the other senior dba knowing beforehand.

Anyways: everything was fine. The fallback comms line kicked in so GC didn't get a chance to meow. Once the main line came back, all went back to normal without even a peep.

Man, I love modern comms systems! This sort of outage would have been a major headache a decade ago. Now it's just a glitch, barely registering!

Anyways, crawled back to bed and a troubled sleep until 5:30 to do the usual checks, then a bit more shuteye until 7:30, gotta compensate for this early start.

No go.

I can't really go back to sleep in full after waking up in the middle of the night. When the kids were younger, it was easy: back then I'd fall deeply asleep on my feet if needed!

Not anymore. If I wake up for any reason in the middle of the night, that's no more shuteye for the rest of it...
So it was a hard slog of a day. And after work had to pick up my son from the soccer training.

Got home and it took me about 30 seconds after tea to doze off. The result is that I'm now sleepless, around midnight!

Can't win!

Thankfully, it's the Easter break now and I don't have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Might get this bio-clock back into gear after all...

Anyways, on a lighter note:

;-) The area where I work now is not very safe!
This sort of thing happens often, if one is silly enough to secure a bike like this! Definitely a major annoyance for the owner...

And this was right behind it:

┬ŽD Scary, eh? I'd think twice about getting a room in a place like this... But I guess there is a market for everything!

Catchyalata, folks.


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