grid lock

Been testing the grid control in EM.
Part of our current monitoring tool eval.

Hmmm, call me a ludite: but I prefer the Spotlight GUI look to the drab old web-based UI of grid control.

By a country mile!

If there is one thing that all this web-mania of the last 5 years has done is create some very boring, incredibly convoluted and hard to navigate user interfaces!

Sorry folks: GC is so hard to navigate and find things in, it begs disbelief!

The amount of visual gadgetry and candy in a proper GUI is so far above the limited tools of html/xml that the resulting user interfaces are several notches above the best web-based tools.

Yes, I know about all the niceties of java gadgets, flash and all that. Sorry folks: simply no contest.

Having said that: GC has some great ideas and functionality behind it. Never mind that much of it is still a bit flaky in that dreaded ORA-20000 "Content of tablespace" error is with us and not leaving anytime soon...

And as usual, good old Metalick claims it's fixed in 11. Great support, where one has to upgrade to unreleased versions of software to fix an obvious and egregious bug in the current release!

Wake up, mr Oracle!...

Still: I particularly like the ease of creating custom schedules in GC for email or sms-based alarming. Piece of cake. Darn useful to boot!

Soon we start evaluating Spotlight in full. I'm looking forward to it. We're a mixed shop, with SQL Server - on that subject: what is it with folks nowadays calling it "SQL"?
That is NOT its name!

Still: GC won't be in the same class for use with Microslop's database.

But we may well end up with both products, who knows! Each has its own strengths.


Not much in the photo front. A cyber-friend, Scott Wilson from Hawai, has been kind enough to share some web-capacity for me to drop a few real life size photo scans. If you want to see the kind of photo quality I'm getting nowadays from this scanner, in full 4Kppi glory, go here and have a ball!

Make sure you select first the jpgs. Don't try to open the tiff files in your browser: just download them and use a proper image viewer - explorer's viewer will be slow! - to browse the images.

Yes, the photos I show here in this blog are forcibly reduced in size to make them practical to display. The full size images I deal with normally for printing are of the kind you see in Scott's site.

Night and day from good old web images, eh?

catchyalata, folks!


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