collective madness...

Here we go with another bout of collective IT madness:

"Vista is here, looks 'kewl', so it must be installed no matter what."

Never mind it costs an arm and a leg, requires in most cases expensive hardware upgrades and breaks just about every stable application other than M$'s little stable. Therefore requiring costly upgrades of those as well.

Can anyone spell T-C-O? One wonders where all the Microsoft-inspired "TCO-breaths" hide when it knocks at their door?

But in true old-fashioned deranged IT fashion, lots of folks are "diving in". Makes me wonder if they haven't learned anything from so many years of being taken for a ride, BIG time!

Let me be openly obnoxious here: NO we do NOT need to install the latest, whitest and brightest of ANYTHING to prove we know what we are doing. Anyone who claims so is bordering on sheer madness!

The process of installing software is a VERY SMALL part of the whole of IT and it should NEVER have been given the importance it was granted: if we had to go through the same convolutions in the rest of our consumer lifes we'd have collectively revolted ages ago! Software installs are a very, very small part of what IT is all about.

And NO, installing Vista in inadequate hardware and having to spend a small fortune in time and dollars upgrading hardware and software just to get back to where you were before is NOT a sign of smarts, competence or ability in ANYTHING to do with software!

Quite the opposite, in fact...

And NO, this is not a "behind the times" or a "dinossaur" rant, such a claim would be beyond stupid: I had EXACTLY the same attitude to Win95 when it came out all those years ago. It was NEVER installed in any of my systems back then or later on and age had nothing to do with it!

On the other hand, no one has ever been able to accuse me of wasting resources and moolah chasing windmills. Believe me, some have tried...

On another note:

Having lots of fun at the new job. Rediscovering the joys of leading a team and a middle management IT position. Been a while since I last did this sort of thing, nearly 7 years now. Good fun.

What I find even funnier is the number of supplier folks who suddenly "know me from a long time ago": as recently as 3 weeks ago they all pretended I had never existed in Australian IT...

Man, this job is going to be such fun! ┬ŽD

But I miss the garden near the entrance to the old job:


Another rant: for the last 5 days I've been trying to contact yahoo customer support to get them to reset a password.

I have yet to have a conversation with anyone resembling a human being.

About 10 replies, telling me to try what I had just done and promising a contact from a support person if it didn't work.

Then an apparent real person does indeed email me, asking for more info. Obviously reading my prior explanations of the problem is beyond their mental ability...

Then when I reply with the "more info", I get a bounce because no mail is allowed to the address requesting it!

That is a perfect definition of the utter crap desguised as support that yahoo has now implemented.

I'm done with them: I can only take a certain amount of clear moronic stupidity before I class it as an attack on my brains.

Anyways, back to real life.

Last night we had a major electrical storm around here. Two hours of continuous high power lightening bolts, cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground.

The first kind are incredibly nice to watch, albeit very noisy. Magnificent spectacle, I never tire of it.

The second kind does damage...

One side of our fence blown down by falling bits from a nearby house struck by a bolt. Most of my computer gear ended on the floor, dragged there by half mad dogs running amok inside the house.

Fun and games... I decided to only worry about it this morning rather than stay awake all night!

Turns out only the flatbed scanner was damaged. Good thing we decided on a floating wooden floor: it seems to flex as a cushion when hard things fall on it. Could have been a lot more expensive otherwise.

Almost as expensive as installing Vista...

Got a bucketload of film being developed and even more to scan this week. Will soon have more photos posted in deviantArt.

Be good and stay away from trouble, folks.


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