and now, something different

allow me a small trip down memory lane.

took these more than 20 years ago, when I started underwater photography and scuba diving. been a while since I last did anything with any of this.
mostly, the kids got in the way.

It's good to see good old Ekta64 resisted the ravages of time!
Click on each image for an enlarged view.

"I am not an animal!"

(these guys are all around the place in the Winter months. they demonstrate amazing curiosity towards anything new. just like dbas! )

"Deep Blue"

(Blue Gropers: they are like pets and actually follow you around and ask to be fed sea urchin morsels. most can be handfed. they remind me of sales reps.)

"Old Wifes"

(these weird looking fellas make an awful racket when caught with hook and bait. hey, don't blame me: I didn't name them! personally, I call them IT managers)

"Hey, do you know a guy called Steve?"

(sorry, couldn't resist! <BEG> )

Ah well, maybe one day soon I'll be able to go diving again and continue one of my old passions in that beautiful world.

end of trip


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