Hectic few days nearly over. Some of our clients have the busiest period of the year right now. That means extra time spent making sure everything is hunky dory.

The usual: keep an eye on weird take-offs in CPU usage, watch disk space, particularly those pesky temp tablespaces that suddenly take off in disk usage when someone fires off the "mother of all queries for the year". That sort of thing.

While sparsely allocated temporary files in temp tablespaces look nice on paper, it's a RPITA when a large demand is made on temp disk space and someone forgot such free space really needed to be there in the first place: it shouldn't have been used for other crap...
Hey: it happens in the best families! :-)

But it's one of the reasons I don't like this kind of brainless "automation": it creates more problems than it solves!


Finally got all my Xmas shopping sorted out. Kids have got the toys they wanted and we could afford, wife has got the thingamabobs that wifes seem to need at this time of the year. I got my scanner last month and a few of the books I wanted to get: there is going to be a lot of reading going on in the next few days! The usual charities have also been catered for. And we're as usual pennyless and eagerly awaiting the next pay cycle...

Ah well: all in the Xmas spirit, I reckon! One good thing: Isabel is doing the Portuguese pumpkin fritters - filhózes, or as they say in Dad's village: belhózes - and a few of the other season specials! There is some turkey, the Portuguese salted cod fish - bacalhau - and a stack of other nice things to eat. In a few hours, it'll be time to start relaxing and enjoy some of the truly great flavours in life.

And as usual, it's pelting down in Sydney. We needed the rain but did it really have to come in during the Xmas break?...

Here is hoping this finds you folks in the same spirit. And if not, then at least with enough spirits to let you truly enjoy the next few days!

Dudettes, dudes: all the best season greetings and may you enjoy a peaceful break.

Catchyalata, folks.


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