not sure anyone should be laughing, but:

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what sort of mindset prompts anyone to plonk a witch's hat like this in the main entrance to their business address?

I suppose it's the same mindset of the support person who gets a call from a client complaining that something is running slow or using up too much CPU, then proceeds to do a few screen grabs with "sar" or similar and finally replies that "something is wrong with your application, the server is running fine".

how about a look into V$SESSION_LONGOPS for starters? if all was going well, odds on that the problem will be a "CBO senior moment" and there will be some FTS going on. if that's indeed the case, how about fishing the actual SQL causing the problem using the SQL_ADDRESS column in that view and V$SQL. and if a view is involved, how about fishing its text from DBA_VIEWS and attaching that to the - now quite extensive - reply to the client?

at the end of it all, the second reply will say - essentially - the same as the first one. but it'll have that little bit of value-add that separates the professional's attitude.

and who knows, the client may suddenly "click" onto something else as a result of this extra information and actually be able to fix a few problems rather than just one?

or is it the mindset of the sales attendant at the local mall who doesn't even bother to understand what the customer wants and proceeds to try and sell something else equally useless? who knows there might actually be an opportunity there to sell not only the correct item AND some additional useless, expensive crap - as a result of a now happy punter?

it's all about attitude, isn't it?

on the photo front: I'm starting to get the hang of the new scanner. finally had some serious play time with it and the results are indeed superb. I've been wasting my time trying to get quality results from a flatbed: should have invested in a proper film scanner ages ago! then again: had I done so, maybe I wouldn't have trained my eye and mind to find and track scanning problems?

still not perfect, but the results are starting to please me a lot.

the film that David Littleboy sent me from Japan turned out to be a stunning experience: it's by far the best colour negative film I've ever seen, bar none.

sure, some of the Kodak UC100 is precious.

but this stuff - Fujicolor 160NC Pro - is absolutely one or two ranks above anything else I've seen. not only does it produce amazingly smooth color gradation and saturation but it also doesn't block out and scans really well without any of the grain "clumping" I see with some other emulsions.

truly outstanding and highly recommended for anyone still into film.
it's also called Fujicolor 160S Pro in other markets.

anyways, time to go back to my Oblivion game for another hour or so of healthy escapism before I call it a night.

catchyalata, folks


Anonymous Doug Burns said...

Hear, hear.

Attitude is everything. I don't care how smart someone is, what I truly appreciate is the fairly smart person who'll care about my problem.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 10:58:00 am  

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