After right-clicking on desktop->properties->themes, I get this screen:

then what happens when I click on the link at the bottom?

Yes, you got it: Microsoft Help opens!

And they wonder why their "OS" has a bad name?

Not that Oracle is faring any better, mind you! When will this company learn that forcing their clients to upgrade in order to fix bugs is not conducive to the best customer relations?

It just doesn't click with them that folks run APPLICATIONS, not databases. And because applications may not be certified to run on a later version of Oracle, it is demented to have a patch policy that forces folks to upgrade in order to get bugs fixed!
Is it too hard to understand that upgrades incur a downtime cost, let alone a resources cost?

Talk about TCO...

In this respect, IBM runs rings around Oracle: their policy of bundling patches as "Service Packs" to previous versions of their software is just what the doctor ordered. And why so many sites just won't move out of dfb2 no matter what: it may have a lot of flaws, but IBM sure knows what makes an IT place tick.


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