scanners and partition restores

Just got the new scanner. Haven't made much yet, too busy this weekend ferrying kids to-from parties. They are like that at this age and I have too much fun watching them. Besides, the garden needed some serious attention as well.

But so far, very promising. Some stunning results already. Check my photo pages.

Work-wise: a very demanding week. A lot of little problems that needed clearing and cleaning up. It's amazing how easily little problems grow into huge monsters when the volumes are of DW proportions. I'm still not happy with the partition pruning at one of our clients, but we're getting there.

And don't get me started on recovering partitions from exports: why, oh why mr Oracle, can't we add a partition of a prior range to a table? It just makes the work of bringing back exported partitions a drudge instead of a pleasant experience.

Ah well: /rant

See you soon, folks.


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