Not much here to talk about yet, folks. Not at this stage.

What I have to say in the photography sphere is in my deviant art and olhares logs, the two sites where I regularly inflict new images on the unsuspecting world.

If you want to spend some good dba time: follow the blogs on Oracle by the nice folks from the Oak Table as well as the Dizwell site. I'm usually thereabouts. There are a few links here, on the right.

Or just spend some idle time on my other non-work links, also on the right.

Within the next year or so, work schedule permitting I'll start again "The Den": my original site. That'll have news from my hobbies as well as a section for work stuff. And then we'll see what pans out.

But right now: I have a very busy personal schedule and that makes it hard to update these things with any kind of regularity. It would be unfair of me to raise anyone's expectations beyond that.

For now, here is a little original image of the place I go to for true relaxation. I use this for my screen background at work. Yes, I know: sad...


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